RoP v4.13 Released

Download it here (Mediafire /

Steam/Itch versions will all be handled tomorrow, today is a travel day for me.

This is a bugfix release, dealing with the various minor (and one major) bugs that have been reported over the past couple weeks. In addition, a new scene was added. Ask Yukina about the legend when Empress is present.

The Search For Help

We presently have two promising candidates for the emote artist position. If you know someone who’d be a good late entry, we made a page with some details. Yell at me on discord!

What the developer doin?

Other than fixing bugs, I’m working on the last major area of Monoceros mapping. A big juicy progress report is due out next week.

Urimas is making some sprites for that, Koops finished a character that patrons get to see next week, and Chicken finished the Empress emotes. That’s right, this is a bonus stuff post!

Unfortunately I got these late Sunday so I haven’t had time to put them in the game yet. Next update I promise.

Curious Cat

Curious Cat Closeup!

The Link Pile

Rationally debate this post on the forums!    Discussion thread for String Tyrant!
Monoceros will get a forum thread once the demo comes out sometime in 2023.

Pandemonium’s Steam Page! You can get updates automatically.

Maiden Sealed in Stone, a game Salty translated!

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