Development Update: March 20th, 2017

Comrades! This week, I’ve completed the first cutscene and worked out the various bugs that come with doing cutscenes. I’ve also got a lot of the placeholder work in and have asked the artists to get me flat-colored images until Rune can finish up the to-do list.

It is my objective to have the first prototype released in March, but it might wind up being early April as I don’t want to knowingly release something that is broken.

Here’s what will be featured in the first prototype release:

  1. Slimes
  2. Bees
  3. Alraunes
  4. Cultists
  5. Defeat scenes for all of the above
  6. Mei’s Slime form, Bee form, and Alraune form.
  7. Combat
  8. Level-up UI
  9. Possibly Saving and Loading

I think this will be enough to start getting bug-test feedback and such going, as well as whet your collective appetites.

Have a screenshot of some of the placeholder graphics.