Development Update: September 11, 2017

First off, to all Patrons, there is a poll this week! Head over the Patreon and fill that sucker out so I know what you thought of the survey in a less-than-scientific-but-more-than-chaotic manner.

The Art Front

Progress has been steady. Patrons get to see a sketched preview of the Werecat TF scenes. The rest of you have to wait as usual. (Patrons, it’s on your Patreon feed!)

Hund has redone the dialogue portraits using a new standard. I personally think it looks better than the previous version, but more importantly it’s considerably faster and more consistent.

Chicken and Rune are plugging away on everything else. Rune assures me that Mei’s colored and shaded Bee images will be ready soon.

The Coding Front

I’ve basically completed all of the major features I wanted to add before Chapter 1’s full release. These are:

Skillbook Library: You can now review any skillbook you’ve already read at any campfire. No need to backtrack.

Warping: A much-requested feature, you can now warp between campfires whenever you feel like it. While the game has an interconnected layout, people still kept requesting this feature. Now you have it.

Reliving Cutscenes: Yes, you can now re-live the transformation cutscenes/events at a campfire. This is an imperfect replication, because this was bolted on late in development and many of the cutscenes don’t have perfect support for it. For example, if you see the Ghost TF without Florentina, and then re-live it with her, she’s present in it. It’s not perfect but it’s better than managing a dozen save files.

I’ve also cleaned up a lot of back-end code, fixed bugs, upgraded the UI alignment, and more. Overall, the state of the coding should be ready well in advance of Chapter 1’s full release.

The Dialogue Front

Editor and fellow pornographer MarioneTTe has been going through the dialogue and will be helping me to edit it from now on. Hopefully he’ll improve my (awful) writing.

Extra Content?

Prototype 3d will be released to patrons sometime this week. I need to test the extra content a lot more, and clean up some of the cues in it.

Prototype 4 Status

Prototype 4 will probably become Chapter 1’s full release unless a major bug is discovered. The only thing preventing it from coming out right now is that the art isn’t completed and there are a small number of bugs/improvements I want to deal with.

I do not have a date set for Prototype 4, as it depends far more on the artists than on me.

  1. Finish all character dialogue art. (Just NPCs left!)
  2. Finish all transformation art. (2/5ths done!)
  3. Finish bonus content involving Werecats. (Testing!)
  4. Add Library functionality for skillbooks. (Complete!)
  5. A number of outstanding, non-critical bugfixes. (Almost done!)
  6. Dialogue editing for pacing and content. (In progress)

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