Development Update: Running and Map Generation

Game Update

So, I’ve finished the Serenity Crater event sequence. I’m currently waiting on some images from Chickenwhite and I need to fix up some bugs in the cutscenes, but it’s playable start to finish even if there’s no enemies in the area. I’ll probably clean up the bugs and do balancing work this week.

Chicken has finished the Golem transformation images and is now working on the enemies in the Serenity Crater area. It’s not just Darkmatter Girls!

Hund is working on the last two combat animations I need for our prototype purposes. There are lots more to go, but these are for damage types that aren’t in the game yet, like Crusading and Obscuring, so we don’t need them immediately.

Urimas has been working on the running animations. Look below!

Running Animations



Here’s the running animations in action. Your browser will need to be able to play animated gifs, so sorry for that, some mobile users.

Urimas is most of the way done the running animations. A few of Christine’s forms need to get them still, all of Mei’s, 55’s, and Florentina’s are done. These animations will be in v1.05 and Prototype 5-2 when they come out.

Random Level Generator

So I’ve mentioned that the next thing on my work list is the Tellurium Mines. This area is unlike the rest of Chapter 5 in that it is randomly generated by floor. You’ll be doing a lot of quests and subquests in the mines for the Steam Droids, or you’ll be doing them for Regulus City for work credits. Either way, there’s lots to do in the mines.

I’ve started work on the level generator. It’ll take a lot of work to get it making nice levels, since Pandemonium can build fairly complex enemy patrol routes. I’ll probably do a Design with a Grain of Salt post on the random levels when I get a bit further along.


This is the start of the room-and-tunnel generator. The mines will have several generators to pick from, this one is fairly similar to the NetHack style of generating rooms and then linking them together.

Prototype 5-2 Objectives

Here’s what my objectives are for Prototype 5-2 and Chapter 1 v1.05. When everything on this list is checked off, it’s release time baby!

  • Serenity Crater (Mostly Done)
  • Tellurium Mines (In Progress)
  • Text Adventure Subquest
  • Golem Transformation images (Done)
  • Latex Drone Transformation images
  • Enemies for Serenity Crater (In progress)
  • All running animations completes (In progress)
  • New UI Overhaul (In Progress)
  • Eldritch Dream Girl Transformation (Text only, no images – Mostly Done)
  • Work Credits System implemented and balanced
  • Next balance pass of Chapter 5 (In Progress)
  • Darkmatter Girl Transformation (Text only, no images – Being Edited)
  • Electrosprite Transformation (Text only, no images)
  • Steam Droid Transformation (Text only, no images)

I’m not putting a time estimate on Prototype 5-2 at the current date, because I want to get the mines and text-adventure modules in. I had originally wanted just Serenity done, but since the Patrons voted for more significant updates, we’ll be doing all three of the side content areas for the next prototype.

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