Development Update: August 13th, 2018

The Programming Bits

I’ve completed the baseline for Text Adventure Mode, and I think I have enough pieces in place that I can start integrating it into Chapter 5. I wanted to get a little further into the development of Doll Manor this week, but then Bad Things happened to me.

This has been a very bad week for me.

The Other Bits

DrDiss is working on getting us music. Hund has completed a lovely piece that will make it into Prototype 5-3 to really set the mood for certain scenes, and then I will probably force him to make the rest of the maps. Urimas just finished Darkmatter Christine, and Chicken is going to be finishing up the dialogue portraits for Chapter 5 in the coming weeks.

Koops has gained two new sidekicks, Waffles and Syrup. They are small, furry, and have four legs. They’re going to be helping her with her concept work. Koops is also doing the art for Doll Manor mode and we’re finishing off the first transformation sequence.

In general, it’s just more grinding work this week. I want to have the baseline for the Electrosprite subquest done this week, but as mentioned, last week was very bad and it’s going to be bad this week as well.

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