Development Update: August 27th, 2018

Programming Stuff

This week, I finished all the engine coding I’ll need for Text Adventure mode! This includes what I’ll need for the Doll Manor and the Chapter 5 quest.

This system is meant to be much closer to the older Inform style but with a lot of improvements. Unlike the Classic Mode remake, this one is designed by me from the ground up and is not meant to emulate anything, so I could make it far smoother than Classic Mode while still keeping the text parser attributes.


This version is using the old graphics because the concepts made by Koops haven’t been inked yet.

With all of this done I can start on the final part of the Electrosprite subquest, as well as finishing the second half of the Doll Manor’s scenario. The first part is complete but not robust and hasn’t been extensively tested.

Art Stuff

Urimas is also finally done the other Christine form sprites and has moved on to tiles so I can get what I need for the next parts of Chapter 5’s story.

Chicken is about halfway done the dialogue portraits for 55, and should have both her and Sophie’s done this week. There are a few more portraits after that before I send her on to the rest of the forms for Chapter 5.

Hund re-did the inkwork for everything in Chapter 5 and is redoing Chapter 1’s to normalize everything. It will be subtle but everything will look more cohesive once he’s done it all.

There will also be free bonus stuff on the Patreon this week since Chicken is a real weirdo and drew a leech girl.

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