Development Update: September 3rd, 2018

Programming Stuff

Not as much progress as I’d normally like this week. Got bogged down in family stuff. Instead of simply play with an adorable dog the entire time, I decided to write 15 pages of dialogue between 55 and Christine. I’ve also finished the scenario work needed for the Electrosprite subquest, but haven’t tested it yet. That will be done by Wednesday and hopefully everything goes perfectly on the first test with no bugs whatsoever.


I have all the tiles I need for one of the two areas being developed for 5-3, and Urimas has been given the assignment to get me the other set. Koops has done more concepting work, while Chicken was largely indisposed this week. Hund will be making the map stuff later this week once he finishes some re-inking.

Music Stuff

DrDiss just sent the next wave of musics, and patrons even get to hear some of it in the bonus stuff this week.


This week is largely keepin’ on. At the current rate I think completing 5-3 by the end of September is doable, but I’m not going to be releasing it if it’s not been tested at least somewhat. So, watch out.

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