Development Update: September 10th, 2018

Programming Stuff

Good news: The electrosprite sidequest is now completed (barring a few lingering spelling errors) and has passed its first round of tests.

I am honestly not 100% satisfied with it, I think the quest needs more ‘meat’, but this will suffice for Prototype 5-3. Presently, there is one ‘level’ to the Text Adventure, and upon completing it, the sidequest is basically over. Short and sweet. I intend to add one or possibly two additional levels to make the quest flow a bit better, but that will have to be post 5-3 and based on player feedback.

Otherwise I am now working on the next area of the main quest. However, I doubt we’re going to make the September deadline for Prototype 5-3 because of art stuff.

Art Stuff

So we have bad news on two fronts. First, concept artist Koops badly burned her hand and has lost several art days as a result. I expect a full recovery soon enough, but that puts us behind schedule.

Second, artist Chickenwhite both suffered from wisdom tooth removal, putting her in a lot of pain until she got them pulled yesterday, and had to deal with problems with her employment. Let’s just say her employers had effectively quadrupled her workload and she’s only been doing art on the weekends. This is expected to end in the next week, but once again, our art is way behind where we had expected.

On the bright side, Stinkehund estimates he will have all the extra inkwork done by the end of September and will be able to finish all the maps we need for Chapter 5 as well.

Urimas, as per usual, is just doing tiles and sprites. He, somehow, is always on the ball.

DrDissonance is making music because that’s his job.

Because of the problems with the art, I am tentatively moving Prototype 5-3 back to October. This gives me some extra time to polish up the scenario work or to do extra testing, so it’s not all bad, but I’m still not happy with the delays.

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