Development Update: September 17th, 2018

Programming Stuff

Not much fun stuff to report this week, since it’s all “Wrote a disgusting amount of dialogue and examination text.” As in, over 1000 lines of the stuff. It’s huge and it’s mentally draining, but it’s in and I’m proud of most of it.

Art Stuff

Very good news on the art front: The extra work that artist Chickenwhite was being forced to do is now over’d. No more of that. Back to real work (drawing monster girls).

Stinkehund has about 15 re-inks to go before he’s caught up, and I’ve sent him some more map work to do. Urimas has completed all the needed tiles and is going to move on to the Christine sprites and some other miscellaneous sprites.

DrDiss has been improving his craft and Serenity Crater now sounds really spooky. He’s having way too much fun with creepy themes.

All in all, this week is a “We’re just making the game” week. Nothing amazing to report.

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