Development Update: September 24th, 2018

Programming Stuff

This week, I got some contract work for the Pairanormal project. The proceeds from this project should basically pay for the upcoming soundtrack, meaning that work I do on it technically counts as Pandemonium work. Sort of.

On a different note, I’m partway through the cutscenes for the next segment, but there’s lots to go. The segment of Chapter 5 after the LRT has some cutscenes, character building, and a brief combat section. I expect I’ll be done the contract work later this week (probably Wednesday) and then I’ll be trying to clear the cutscene work and get to the combat section by the end of the week.


Artist Chickenwhite has gotten us the dress designs we CRAVE and will be getting us the special designs, as well as Raiju Christine, this week. The basic dialogue emotion work is complete, and I’m going to be sending her onto as much TF-sequence work afterwards as we can get done in October.

Hund believes he can get all the ink reworks done by the end of October and I think he’s got what it takes. Patrons have already seen how much better they look, it’s astounding. Last count he said there were 15 to go.

Urimas continues to exist. Spritework is up to date.

DrDiss has sent me a second batch of music for Sophie’s themes and a boss theme. It’s good stuff and I honestly don’t know if it will be ready for 5-3, but here’s hoping.


There will be a relatively big announcement next week, which I would announce right now but I’m currently talking the specifics out with the team. Folks on the Discord have already heard the preliminary bits. Stay tuned!

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