Development Update: October 1st, 2018

Programming Stuff

The Linux Build has been completed! That’s right, I spent some time installing Linux Mint, and then built Pandemonium on Linux. Thus Prototype 5-3 will have a Linux build when it comes out.

Not only that, I wrote a guide on how to compile it on your own Linux distribution in case yours can’t handle it. This will be released alongside Prototype 5-3.

Otherwise I’ve been writing cutscenes and dialogue.

But Wait, There’s More!

Another announcement this week is that you will be able to keep and use the Zom-forms! Right now this only refers to the Zombee form from Chapter 1. This likely won’t make it into Prototype 5-3 since it will require a lot of extra coding and I don’t know if I’ll have time for it considering how far I have to go, but if I have a few days towards the end I’ll try to cram it in.

Essentially, the Zombee form acts as a super-form usable during combat. Character damage increases by 100% and damage taken decreases by 25% for 3 turns when activated, and the form has a 10-kill cooldown (all number subject to change). But, using this form causes Mei to start to hear… voices… and new cutscenes and dialogue options may present themselves.

But Wait, There’s More!

Because I spent several days last week working on contract, Pairanormal is almost ready for release barring a bit of testing. Well, I’m going to try to get a free copy for all patrons to be released whenever Chic allows it. It’s not a transformation game but I did build the whole thing so that has to count for something.

But Wait, There’s More!

Are you a 5$ Patron? Well, notable editor and madman MarioneTTe has volunteered to write some transformation fiction which will be available for download! The stories are going to be published on Amazon for e-readers and will be purchased for a couple bucks each, while 5$ patrons for a given month receive free copies. MarioneTTe receives 50% of the proceeds while the other 50% go to the team’s development budget.

This is intended to be a proof-of-concept project. MarioneTTe wants to get back into writing smut and I’ve been trying to get him to write transformation smut for a while, so this is a nice way to get you guys even more content. If there’s enough interest this will continue into the future.

The first story has already reached draft phase and stars Mei and a voluptuous slime girl. We’re still researching the specifics on how to deploy this work so stay tuned.

But Wait, There’s More!

Actually there isn’t more. DrDiss sent us a new version of the boss theme, Chicken made some dresses, Urimas made some sprites, and Hund finalized the dialogue emotions with inking and shading.

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