Development Update: October Oct, 20Octeen

There’s more than the usual number of 8’s in the date, so I can’t w8.

It is also Canadian Thanksgiving today, which means nothing to a lonely person like me.

The Let’s Play

So I tricked the sucker artists into doing a 2-hour Let’s Play of Chapter 1. They did this a while ago but I forgot to mention it last week.

If you want to listen to Koops, Chickenwhite, and Stinkehund both play the game and talk about some of the artistic decisions behind it, as well as listen to Koops try to voice act some of the lines, here you go:

Content Warning: Extremely German.

The Coding

I wrote the same cutscene 16 times.

No really, 16 times. This is because the next section of the story is a point-of-no-return sequence and it takes place at about the halfway point of Chapter 5. Which means that what you’ve seen so far is about half of Chapter 5’s story content.

After this point in the story, the sidequests you did in the first part start to affect the main story more heavily. And because there are four major subsections (Equinox, Electrosprites, Serenity, and Tellurium Mines), there are therefore 16 combinations. Each of them is unique, some have more in common with others, and the last one is totally different than all that came before it.

I’m now working on the maps I’ll need for this section, and then all the NPCs and scripting and whatnot. My objective for Prototype 5-3 was to have the next two areas completed, and I will probably start on getting the third area done but dummy it out for the prototype. I will spend the back half of the month testing and fixing bugs.

The Art

Chicken is back to full production after her illness. Stinkehund has completed all of the re-inking, though it will be some time before we get around to normalizing the shading. I’m psyched. Urimas is currently getting me sprites for the upcoming Sunrise Gala.

The Music

DrDissonance has completed prototypes of all the music, and is putting finishing touches on it. It will definitely be completed for Prototype 5-3.

The Stories

MarioneTTe has written most of the slime-based story that is planned for October and has started planning for the other story, which I am informed will feature cultists. But, like, sexy cultists. Probably.
Suffice is to say that the canon between the stories and the game will not align 100%, since the two mediums are not the same and tell stories differently. Consider it to be an adaptation.

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