Development Update: October 15th, 2018

Budget Stuff

The October budget report is up for anyone who finds themselves curious about what I spend your money on. Hint: Art.

Programming Stuff

I am working my way towards the grand finale. I didn’t get everything I wanted into this prototype, but I got enough done to keep you busy until the rest comes out.

There’s going to be some tactical espionage action in this update. Which is to say, there’s a little combat, but it’s mostly talking and examining stuff. Different from the usual Pandemonium fare. This is possibly to make up for the fact that the part after the Gala is heavily combat oriented.

Artistic Exercises

Chickenwhite has finished the design for Raiju Christine, and patrons get to see her today! Hund has completed all his tasks for this prototype. Urimas is working on a few upgrades but is otherwise almost done. It’s all down to me.

The bad news is that Koops is unlikely to finish all her assigned art for the prototype. I will still be releasing an early version of Doll Manor to patrons, but the art will have a bunch of placeholders (stolen from Chambers of Pandemonium!) in it.

Everything Else

MarioneTTe has finished the slime story (pending edits) and will be working on the cultist story next. He also wants to finish the next story (possibly bee?) before we open it up to patrons for voting, which will take place in early November.

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