Development Update: January 28th, 2019

Coding and Whatnot

Doll Manor’s Prototype 2 will be released to 5$ patrons tomorrow. I have a few bugs to fix up that I really should deal with otherwise I’ll get 20 people reporting the same ones. Combat is fluid and fun if still a little rough. We’re working on a new UI for it, don’t worry.


World Famous Artist Stinkehund has given us colors for all of Doll Manor’s art, and will be doing shading this week. Koops and Chickenwhite have been having a rough time of it but I expect to get SX-399’s emotions sheet this week, and possibly some art for the upcoming biolabs segments.

The Writing

Mario does not give me an ETA on the spooky ghost story. He wants to make sure it’s ready and in editing before he gives such a thing, to make sure you don’t get false hopes.
I think it’s because the ghosts are too scary for him.

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