Development Update: February 11th, 2019

Programming Stuff

Doll Manor has had its map completely overhauled, adding a second floor and a basement. Perhaps a screenshot:

Doll Manor Screenshot

Complex LOS, doors, enemy chasing, dynamic enemy AI, and all that nonsense is currently implemented. Apart from any emerging bugs, all that’s left is for me to get the story implementation done, which will be this week. The first complete prototype will be released soon!

Writing Stuff

The third book in the Pandemonium series is now ready for your perusal if you missed the 5$ patron bonanza. You can get it from Amazon here, and you can see the author’s page with all the books here.

Mario is still working on the spooky ghost book after like 5 rewrites so far. He would like to thank you for your patience.

Art Stuff

Hund has completed the shading for all the dolls and we’re now onto the “experimental” phase, wherein we see what sorts of monsters we can squeeze out of our limited art budget.

Urimas has been doing some tiles work for Doll Manor but is otherwise just doing his own thing while he waits for me to demand new sprites from him. Poor guy.

Chickenwhite has completed SX-399’s complex emotions and will be working on the enemies for the Biolabs area. Hopefully they will all be ready by the time we resume work on Chapter 5 starting in March.

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