Prototype 5-3f Release

What the hey? A new Prototype?

Yep, this week we have a new prototype courtesy of people giving me a right kick up the arse about unresolved issues, and a new enemy in Classic Mode.

You can get the prototype right here (Windows and Linux: OSX users see below)

First, this patch fixes both the Z-fighting bug in 3D mode on newer graphics cards, and it fixes the DoT-Crash that has been annoying me for a few prototypes now. After some detective work, I tracked it down with the help of the Discord chat and MarioneTTe, whose terrible hardware made reproducing the bug a breeze.

This also adds maids to Classic Mode!Maid

Maid Clones were present in Chambers of Pandemonium, not House of Pandemonium, but ThrowawayLady did some photoshop work and made variations for all six characters (for Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition) and graciously gave me the images.

OSX Sucks

Apple did it again, and I can’t even find the site with the legacy OpenGL headers. So, OSX support has been dropped, again. You can still get the previous version if you’re on OSX, though.

Other Stuff

Other than the update, it’s us being at work on the next major content release. I’m writing cutscenes, Stinkehund made us a new background which Patrons get to see, and Urimas continues to exist despite the effects of time dilation.

Here is a discussion thread. Now – battle for supremacy!

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2 thoughts on “Prototype 5-3f Release

  1. I keep messing with Classic mode and Corrupter mode. You’re allowed to continue playing after your loss/win, but no one else shows up. I wish more could spawn in, or we could start with more, or….I like assimilating everyone and everything and making a world/mansion of X…


    1. Definitely a thing that may well happen when we get to developing Enhanced Mode. You’re not the only one to want an endless mode.


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