Development Update: April 15th, 2019

Having Trouble? Trouble No More!

#1 Fan and Bane of Marsupials Klaysee has written a guide for Chapter 5! It includes battle tactics, Chemfuel speculation, screenshots, and other useful gubbins.

She’s spent the last few weeks compiling the whole thing, so give it a read. Chances are you missed something in Chapter 5 and now, you can find it!

Programming and Scripting

I had wanted to finish all the examination text up to the Raiju Ranch this week, but I got distracted. I’m currently working on the Raiju Ranch’s examination text, and the rest of this week will be dedicated to NPCs and Cutscenes. Once that’s done, it’s time to start working on the sidequests!

Everything Else

Hund has finished our title screen and is working on the… interesting stuff for Chapter 2. I had a brief art meeting to set out priorities for the next few months. Chicken promises she can get it alllllllll done, and I believe her. Yep.

Otherwise, the usual. Noses to the grindstone, people.

Here is a discussion thread. Now – battle for supremacy!

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