Development Update: July 8th, 2019

Prototype 5-4b Released to Patrons

This is a nice and big bugfix release, with more on the way. Changelog is on the bottom.

Please see the Patreon if you’re a new patron and want to know how to access the prototypes.

Koops has joined the battle!

That’s right, famed artist Koops has officially joined the team as a paid member. Now she collects a wage just like everyone except Salty (and Mario but don’t tell him that). Way to go Koops!

Koops will be creating CGs for the game in addition to design and shading work. For example, we’re going to get ending CGs for Doll Manor, opening CGs for chapters 1 and 5, and probably other CGs! Yay!

Tentative Target for Prototype 5-5

Due to the artists (Chicken and Koops) being on vacation in the middle of August, we have set our very tentative target for Prototype 5-5 as October. The code will likely be done before that, but losing several weeks of artist time means October is the safest call.

The remainder of July will be spent on bugfixes and feature improvements.

Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition gets Dolls and Bees


That’s right, with some photoshop wizardry, TL has added Dolls and Bees to the Unity edition. You can get a copy here, though it has some bugs left before a full release.

TL has been doing a great job photoshlorping forms into the Unity edition, which means I’m probably going to have to add these to Classic Mode. What a jerk!

Boring Changelog

Here’s a changelog for Prototype 5-4b. There may be unmarked spoilers so don’t look if you haven’t played it yet.

  • Fixed a metric ton of typos and collision errors.
  • Added a save-bench to the Amphibian Research Facility.
  • Fixed misalignment of string entry form making it hard (not impossible) to hit the Cancel button.
  • Music will now resume where it left off after combat instead of restarting.
  • Fixed the Victory Jingle not playing correctly in areas using layered tracks.
  • Updated the cultist music themes with stuff by DrDissonance.
  • Updated the gala music with DrDissonance’s compositions.
  • Fixed Christine’s turn-order images being the wrong entity.
  • Fixed misalignment of DEFEAT text.
  • Combat inspector now correctly aligns text with widescreen. Still needs a lot of work.
  • Buffs will now have a + next to their indicators on the attack preview box instead of a -.
  • Fixed camera blockers causing weird behavior in Slimeville due to the widescreen update.
  • Leaving the Raiju Ranch with 55 as the investigator will no longer spawn Christine with the wrong sprite.
  • Fixed Christine’s Steam Droid, Eldritch Dreamer, and Raiju sprites showing the wrong image on the loading screen.
  • Christine can no longer moonwalk out of Hydroponics.
  • Christine can no longer moonwalk in the LRT facility or out of the southern exit of the Gamma Labs.
  • Fixed UI misalignments for every character.
  • Fixed the golems after the Aquatic Genetics sequence not having dialogue.
  • Fixed the incredible disappearing 55 after Aquatic Genetics.
  • Using single-turn buff items on allies will increase their effective turns by 1 so you can actually use the buffs.
  • Fixed a large number of portrait bugs in the Sprocket City quest chain.

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