Development Update: July 15th, 2019

Prototype 5-4c has been released to patrons

As usual, you can get it on the Chapter 5 Downloads Page. A patron-post will give some details on the new stuff.

July 2019 Budget Report

It’s about damn time.

Sorry this one took so long. I just kept forgetting and/or getting called into work and saying “I’ll do it next week”. And now it’s July.

Fan Art! FAN ART!!! FAN!!! ART!!!!!


It’s Christine as a Harpy! Drawn by Goop Sinpai, who sure is prolific. Go check out her DA.

And if any of you want to make fan art you better believe I will post it, I love me some fan art.


Nose to the grindstone. I’ve got (most) of the major bugs dealt with and will be adding treasure and abilities to the Biolabs next. That means 5-4d will be a content update!

Artistic Chicanery

Chickenwhite has finished all of the emotes except for Electrosprite Christine, which we hope to have finished soon. Stinkehund is inking them as always.

Recent Artist Addition Koops is working on her first CG image to go in chapter 5. Urimas is making sprites and tiles because that’s what he always does, we can’t stop him. Nobody can stop him.

Musical Chicanery

DrDiss gave us a new boss theme, and patrons get to hear it next week! Hooray!

There’s now just one musical theme left to be replaced before we’re 100% ready for prime time. Go get ’em, doc.

Prototype 5-3c Changelog

It’s boring but read it.

  • Fixed spotting-circles not appearing in areas using the lighting shader.
  • If an enemy leader dies, the following entities will now correctly show their viewcones.
  • Enemies will now always report their stun thresholds instead of waiting to accrue some stun damage.
  • Enemies will show how long until their stun threshold resets, next to the resist value.
  • Added a case for the Electrosprite subquest where the player magically knows commands they really shouldn’t.
  • Fixed collisions around the Biological Services building.
  • Fixed lighting issues in the Biolab Datacore exterior.
  • Added some rebel symbols to both Cryogenics and the Genetics labs.
  • Fixed Catalysts causing Christine to revert to human if picked up in the wrong form.
  • Added blockers so you can’t go running off to do sidequests without dropping Sophie off first.
  • Fixed not being able to use the underwater elevator as a Latex Drone.
  • Fixed SX-399 appearing during the Raibie-Christine quest defeat sequence even when she was never recruited.
  • Fixed characters not having their special frames after exiting the Raiju Ranch.
  • Improved map handling. Fading is faster, allows zooming in/out, controls are more responsive.
  • Added map for the Biolabs.
  • Being very close to a northern wall no longer makes you invisible to enemies.
  • Added 55’s Implosion Grenade skill, which you can acquire in the LRT facility’s armory.
    If you already got the skill in a previous prototype, visit a Work Terminal and there will be a command to unlock it.
  • There is now a Work Terminal at the Raiju Ranch near the athletics track.
  • Added a special “Disable Perlin Noise” engine option to help some users with program instability.

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