Prototype 5-4 Released to the Public!

That’s right suckers, here it is

Here’s a mediafire link, and here’s a link. Patches may come out if I made any mistakes (I did), in which case this post will be updated. Also, the downloads page always has the most recent version.

Special thanks to the efforts of Klaysee and Aaaac to make sure we got lots of bugtesting and suggestions and just generally being really helpful. Klaysee even made the biolabs map and hasn’t taken credit for it publicly.

In this prototype…

We have the biolabs segment of chapter 5’s story, which includes the raiju transformation, the raibies transformation, a rebel sidequest, a moth movie with a knife fight and aboat chase, some frozen pipes and amphibians, milking machines, dumb jokes, and character development. There’s also some metaphysics in there if you look.

Previous Saves?

Your previous savefiles will work in the new version. Just import them to the new folder (do not install the new version over the old one because Windows frequently fails to overwrite files correctly). In case you don’t have any but want to jump right to the biolabs, some savefiles have been provided courtest of Good People Who Do Good Things Klaysee and Aaaac. What heroes they are.

So what’s next?

The month of August is going to spent dealing with any remaining high-priority bugs that come up, but mostly it’s straight on to finishing up chapter 5’s main story.

Our current objective is the next prototype (which will finish chapter 5’s main story) in October. This is a month longer than normal because Chicken and Koops are on vacation for most of August.

I want to give you my money so I can play with the debug menu.

A post will be up shortly on the patreon page detailing how to use the debug menu. The password is not changed from previous versions if you were previously a patron.

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