Prototype 5-4f Experimental Release

Note: This is an experimental release

(Mediafire) (

I re-did the loading system such that only chapter-specific assets get loaded. Therefore, please keep an eye out if you decide to play this version. If you see sprites or portraits did not load, let me know.

There are no content additions from 5-4e, and only one bugfix.

Programming Update

I enjoyed my “week off” last week (which wasn’t really a week off since I still re-did the loading system…) and am now going to be working on the next content patch.

Art Update

This begins the artist holiday. There won’t be much in terms of art progress for the month of August as Chicken and Koops are on vacation.



There is a public feedback survey here. I’ve decided to allow some open-question stuff this time because there’s just so much stuff in the biolabs. There will also be a 5$ patron-pal-poll on the patreon this week.

Other than that, it’s back to work for us.

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