Classic Mode Update (Part 2!)

Huge thanks to everyone who reported bugs in classic mode.

Part 2 of the update is now out (Mediafire) (, with the remaining forms added and integrated into Corrupter Mode. There are probably still a lot of bugs. But the game should be playable for the most part.

Adventure Mode also got a few bugfixes, including fixing the incorrect sizing on the TF scene images.

Artistic Action

While we don’t have much to report on the art front, patrons will be getting to see something very nice this week. The public gets to see it in two weeks time. So get psyched for that.

The Classic Mode Hunt

After having compiled most of the resources, the classic mode reconstruction project is going to be writing up a guide, hosting file, and then asking for community volunteers to continue. We can make new monsters for classic! Yay!

Oh and there are more announcements but those will wait for later in the month to be timed with… certain things. Yeah, certain things.

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