Development Update: September 16th, 2019

Programmin’ Bits

I’m off to the races on the last part of chapter 5. All the maps are completed and have collision, and I will be gluing them together tomorrow. After that brief process, I start writing the scripting. It gets pretty zany.

Particularly because I totally rewrote a key section a week ago. I think the new one is better.

Art Bits

Chickenwhite, who is an optimist, promises the remaining chapter 5 materials by the end of the month. Because she is a realist, she then got really sick. Artists, amirite?

The Classic Mode Hunt

So as a result of weeks of intensive labour by some weirdos, all of the original characters from Classic Mode have been re-created in 3D Custom Girl. They hunted through the assets and made some guides.

You can find one such meta-guide here.

With this, Throwawaylady has been making new monster forms for Unity Edition, which are being incorporated into Classic at a later date. And if you’re the kind of person who wants to make a monster girl (please someone make us a spider girl!) you can hop into our Discord server and get right to it. All the downloads are in the above guide!

We’re always excited to get new helpful people to make a dizzying array of monstergirls for Pandemonium, so don’t delay!

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