Development Update: September 23rd, 2019

Free Bonus Stuff – Latex Drone Jeanne!


Giving a nice salute!

This was voted upon by 5$ patrons for our every-other-month concept poll. Patrons got to see it two weeks ago, and now you get to see it even if you have NO money!

The next 5$ concept poll is in October, so get psyched!

Bizarre Let’s Play by Stinkehund

For over two grueling hours, Stinkehund, Koops, and Chickenwhite played chapter 5. If you’re the kind of person who can tolerate European artists, then you are stronger than I and you can watch this.

It’s actually pretty entertaining, particularly when they make fun of me! And Koops really likes Little Shop of Horrors. Also they forgot about the fact that you can adjust the game’s brightness – a feature they explicitly asked me for and I put in so they could us it.

These are the people I work with.

Coding Update

I have completed all but one cutscene for the good path of chapter 5! One to go, and it’s the finale so I’ll have it done tomorrow. After that, I go back and add the bad ending, and then all the optional cutscenes and examinables.

And then we release it.

Art Update

Chickenwhite is going to get the remaining art for chapter 5 done by the end of the month. Patrons get to see Doll Christine today! The rest of you have to wait.


DrDiss is getting us a track to play during the next part of chapter 5! It’s almost ready, patrons will get to hear it later.

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