Development Update: September 30th, 2019

The Very Big Special Announcement is scheduled for mid-October

I spoke with the… person who is doing a thing… and that’s when it will be. It’s important to give these things time for… reasons.

No seriously, I’m not messing with you. Get psyched for this!

Programming Stuff

I’ve completed the special effects additions I needed and have written most of the mainline cutscenes. It’s now possible to play chapter 5 start-to-finish on the good path! I still need to write the evil path but I got past a roadblock so that will all be finished this week.

There are lots of extra small scenes and examinations I need to write still. We’re on track to spend the second half of October cleaning up bugs and whatnot.

Art Stuff

Chicken has been doing a very good job getting me the assets I need. We have Christine’s emote set completed and will be working on… well, you’ll see. This stuff is good so I don’t want to spoil it.

Urimas, as usual, is getting me some sprites. You know, sprites of characters doing things important to the plot. Again, you’ll see.

Music Stuff

The next part of Adventure Mode has several musical cues, and DrDiss has gotten one of them ready. We’re currently working on a second layered track for the finale. Everything is coming together!

Patron 5$ Poll This Week, AND Patron 1$ Suggestion Thingy!

As part of yet another weird experiment that the artists really want to do, artist Chickenwhite wants to experiment drawing different outfits for characters.

How these work is that they replace the emotes/sprites for a specific form. Once all the basework is done for a form, the outfit can be swapped out with minimal effort (this system is often called “Paper Doll”) and the artists want to see how long it takes to do.

So, this week, 1$ patrons can put in suggestions for what outfits they want to see for which characters. The artists will then each pick their favourites and the 5$ patrons will then narrow the field down. This is just to make sure the artists don’t have to draw something they are uncomfortable with.

Also, because it’s now October this week, 5$ patrons will be asked to do the every-other-month bonus art poll. The rules are the same as last time, but I will elaborate on them here just in case:
You may suggest a character and a monster form from any of the ones that have been seen so far, and beleaguered artist Chickenwhite will draw it. Last time was Latex Drone Jeanne.
The monster form must have already been concepted but the character, not necessarily. So if you wanted Alraune Christine or Golem Sanya, you might get it!
The result is selected completely at random by spinning a wheel. Therefore, duplicates are that much more likely to get picked. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and we’ll get Mothgirl Mei?

Please check the patreon if you are a patron for more details!

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