Development Update: October 7th, 2019 – And Poll Results!

I know you all want the poll results but here’s the game’s update

I have sent the first test prototype to the testers and got a positive result. I cleaned up a bunch of bugs, but it wasn’t too severe. I still have lots of cutscene variations to write, graphics to put in, and all that crap.

Despite all that, we are easily on track for the End-of-October release, and I’ll tune it up to make it as nice as possible.

Artistically, Chicken has 3-4 more images to make and we’re done on the need-to-have front. Everything else is nice-to-have. Urimas is almost done the spriting (I need a few more tiles and a sprite sheet), Hund has some inking to do.

Oh, and DrDiss got me the finale music. It will make you cry, it’s really good.

1$ “Mario Pls Rewrite These” Poll


Writer MarioneTTe wanted to revisit some of the chapter 1 TFs to bring them in line with later versions, so we asked which TF should be revisited.

Zombee was not posted because MarioneTTe already edited that one, actually. The rest were up for grabs.

I was expecting Slime to make the list, but Bee? Bee? Okay. Mario will attempt to edit both with priority on Slime.

1$ “Suggest Costumes” Poll


If your head hasn’t been on fire for the past week, you’ve probably noticed it’s the scariest month of the year. So we’re trying a frightening experiment – character costumes!

1$ patrons suggested a bunch of costumes for characters to wear, and I let the artists pick three each.


These were the results. I intervened personally to pick the best option because, well, the artists didn’t. This is because the artists are morons.

5$ patrons this week will be voting on which of these should get made. We do not know how many will get made. This is because we don’t know what sort of time investment is necessary to make a costume – this is an experiment for us to find out and also give you a silly costume to play with. It may take 1 hour for Chicken to make a costume layer, it might take 3. When we find out, we’ll report back with our decision.

5$ Patron-Choice Concept Art


There seems to be some confusion about how this works.

Like, you wanted Darkmatter Christine? Okay.


So anyway, I put all the options on a big wheel and spun it.


Bee Girl Christine won! I was hoping for Ghost Lotta but okay.

I’m not sure exactly when we’ll have Bee Girl Christine ready, as our priority is finishing the art for chapter 5. I expect it will be done before the end of October.

Budget Report Next Week

Not this week, next week. Suck it up.

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