Development Update: December 2nd, 2019 – Poll Results, Merch Update, And More!

Programming Update

Before we get to the good stuff: I did no programming last week. None.

I was expecting a lot more serious bug reports, but we got none that were so awful I would need to immediately patch the game. There were some which are… odd… and one that only seems to happen on Linux (???) which I will be working out ASAP, but this release was remarkably stable. Good work, bug testers who found the inventory crash.

This week, after I figure out the Linux crash bug I will be mapping. We’ve got a couple new areas to add to chapter 5 before it’s complete, and I have a bunch of other stuff to improve (fixing LRT problems, topics in the biolabs, redo the Raibies quest…)

Artistic Update

Chickenwhite is now working on renormalizing all the art to make all the characters look like they’re from the same damn game. Because some of the original files were lost, this involves redoing some of the older designs from scratch.

Mei Round 2

Stinkehund is getting us animations for attack types that weren’t in the base game enough to warrant them yet. Ice is done, fire is most of the way done.

Urimas is spriting and also working on his part-time modelling career.

Queen Bee Mei will be getting done sometime soon and added to the Manufactory patch.

Koops has completed and delivered almost all of the String Tyrant ending images. I will probably complete the Manufactory/Southern Cryogenics patch before I get to String Tyrant, but both will be completed soon.

Saltys Reviews a Bunch of Petrification Games

Since it’s the wind-down between major releases, I decided to review a bunch of Japanese indie games I found on twitter. These games all have petrification as a theme, because it turns out it’s quite a subculture.

These games are fairly short (with one exception) so the reviews are pretty in-depth and they all includes lots of screenshots. You can certainly do a lot worse than taking a look, and there’s some gems in there (haha rock jokes).

Salty Writes a Mod Guide

I am currently writing a guide on how to mod Pandemonium. This guide is both for public consumption and also for new writer-guy Pyxxis to serve as a useful reference.

You can find the guide here. It’s not done yet because it will never be done, but it presently allows you to make maps and edit the scripts to get them in the game.

Teepublic, Redbubble,, CuriousCat, and many more announcement

In response to the poll (which will be detailed tomorrow because it’s really long), several people asked for merchandise like posters and clothes. Artist Stinkehund has made us a Teepublic and Redbubble account, and we will be putting some designs on there for you to buy. We get a cut of the proceeds (which goes to the game’s development budget) and you get some sick merch.

I have assigned Chicken and Stinkehund to get the designs up. We have a few already ready (such as the poster of Christine and Sophie) and can also adapt the book covers into usable designs. I will post again when we have something up.

We’re also going to be getting Subscribestar and’s going by the end of the year. More on those later. Some people do not want to use Patreon (for good reason…) so having alternatives always helps.

We also now have a Curious Cat, a website where you can ask questions of us anonymously. We will answer them and can even post them automatically to our twitter. Several people indicated they would make use of this service if provided for various reasons (like shyness). You can find it here.

Demographics Poll Results are Tomorrow

Because the poll is actually huge and has a lot to unpack, I will give it its own post tomorrow. I cannot wait.

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