Oh no, it’s demographics time

The Demographics Poll

A little while ago, I asked you, the adoring people, to fill out a short demographics survey to help us get a better idea of our fanbase’s composition.

In fact you can still fill it out here. It will be available in perpetuity.

So let’s all go over the results so far and maybe learn something. Worst case scenario is us all walking away every bit as ignorant as when we started.

Also there will be some Curious Cat responses at the bottom of the post!

Question the First: Age Group


With advance apologies to our colorblind users…

Most of Pandemonium’s fans are young adults, but amazingly we actually have some older than 34. Didn’t expect that.

Question the Second: Gender


Most of our audience are cis males, but unsurprisingly we have a trans audience (gee I wonder if chapter 5 had anything to do with that?) and we also have the very rarely seen Extremely Unfunny gender, with 2 entries.


Jesus fucking christ, transphobes. Get a new joke, that one’s been in the fridge for too long.

Question the Third: Sexuality


Pairing with the fact that we are mostly dealing with men, a game starring lots of women should expect a large heterosexual audience. The bisexual and asexuals are about where I would expect, but we also have 6 Slimesexuals. Interesting. I’ll have to put in more slime content.

Question the Fourth: Dom, Sub, or Switch?


I don’t know what the general population actually is, but I’m not surprised that Switch is the big leader. We actually have more subs than doms – oh no, will our dom characters be as popular? What will I do if Crowbar-chan being a sub makes her more popular than Sanya, a dom? I am having an existential crisis about crowbar sexuality!

As for those of you asking questions about a survey question: This is the internet and you can google it.

Question the Fifth (and the most important): Boobs or Butts?


All is right with the world.


(Thanks, Koops)

The other percentages were mostly people saying “both” which is a non-answer, but okay sure. There were a couple stating curves, thighs, and feet.

Cough so more boobie is on the way!

Question the Sixth: Social Anxiety


Yeah, a majority have social anxiety. In fact, I took this into account when coming up with the Curious Cat question (below), so that people can ask anonymous questions. Social anxiety is more common than you’d think. Stories about people with anxiety should be more common than they are, it needs to be said.

So, get excited for chapter 3 where Jeanne gets to struggle with social anxiety, even worse than 55 did!

Question the Seventh: Anonymous Question Forms


Gee I wonder if social anxiety has anything to do with that. Also 7 respondents were literally God, so if any of you actual gods could send some cash my way it’d help make the game faster.

Question the Eighth: Who is Your Favourite Character?


(The blank entry says “Nadia, Breanne, and Cassandra”. Thanks for sucking, Google.)

There were 111 responses and only one of them got the question correct: Goat.
That’s right, this isn’t a survey, it’s a quiz, assholes!

It’s actually not surprising that Mei took the lead since she won the popularity poll which is why she’s the lead of chapter 1. Christine, the other protagonist, has a strong showing, and the companion characters also did well. Crowbar-chan, as always, defies expectations and manages to do way better than she has any right to.

Question the Ninth: Favourite Monster Form


This one had a hell of a go. I checked in every other day to see how it was doing. Golem took an early lead, then lost to alraune, and at one point darkmatter was even in the lead. Things seem to have settled out with slime, bee, and latex drone in good leads.

Doll actually had no favourites for the first few days and has shot up to 28, presumably as people played the chapter. Raibie is where you’d think considering it’s there for all of 10 seconds, but it will show up more in later versions once I integrate using the super forms in combat.

Question the Tenth: Whither String Tyrant


A majority of respondents fall into “What the hell is that?” territory, meaning I should probably do another information post. A few are also waiting for it to be finished (soon!), but what I am most glad for is the fact that few people aren’t interested.

I will be putting up some information posts on the game soon, but for now: It’s a game about some teenagers getting trapped in a mansion filled with living doll girls. Their goal is to escape, and if they don’t… well, I work on transformation games, you figure it out.

We made the game over the course of about 3 months around the start of 2019, but artist complications prevented us from finishing it. We’re going to finish it near the start of 2020, and release it for 5$ on itch.io and other services. It will have a free demo so you can try it before you buy it.

5$ patrons also get to play the prototype, which is about 80% complete (has a few bugs but is story-complete. Needs some more CGs and another monster to be added).

And yes, testing it counts. Sheesh.

Question the Eleventh: Redbubble and Merch


The 8 responses there are “Yes, I desperately need a shower curtain”.
This was a joke answer because Stinkehund was making fun of the fact that they recently added shower curtains to RedBubble. Did you know it was a joke answer when you clicked it? Because we will totally put some shower curtain designs up, doesn’t cost us anything.

Ahem. Redbubble, for those who do not know, is a website (you can look it up…) that sells objects made with designs set by the artist. We send the designs, they make the stuff and send it to you. We get a cut if our designs are used.

I asked this to see what people wanted specifically. After the Sophie and Christine looking out at the city CG was made, a few people asked us for poster prints. And hey, there seems to be an audience for merch.

We’ll be figuring out what we can use of existing assets to put on the store, and will also probably make a few custom images just for merch once we’re caught up normalizing the art. Want stuff on the merch? Send requests to us via discord/email/forums/etc and we’ll see what we can do!

Obviously all proceeds go to funding the game, so if you don’t want merch just support us on Patreon like you already are (and we love you for it).

Question the Twelvfthfhfh: What can we do to gottagofast.mp4


What the fuck did google forms do to this question? By the way, both the 5 and 4 there are “yes”, but the 4 is lowercase yes and the 5 is uppercase Yes. Wow.

So, I had to copy it into a spreadsheet and read it all out one by one. There are about 15 saying “It’s slow, go faster”


(Not depicted: Urimas, Mario, Pyxxis. Don’t worry, they’re dead offscreen. Please do not look too closely at Crowbar-chan because if you magic-eye it a bit it looks like both hooks are going the same direction I said stop looking.)

One response was just “Hucows!”

I read all the responses and will be reviewing them with the team, so don’t worry if I didn’t mention yours specifically. The results were generally positive.

Lucky Question 13: Favourites of Chapter 1


Gee, people came to the monstergirl game to see monstergirls. The 15 there is “combat and optional bosses”. One of the other responses is “The existence of the Other section in this poll” which is the most meta answer ever. Like how do I even respond to that?

Google forms really sucks at this, so another reply was people enjoying the Adina stuff, another was Mei’s characterization, and another was simply not remembering chapter 1 very well. I appreciate the honesty, actually.

As for not having enough strategic depth? Come back in a couple months after I’ve completely overhauled the entire combat system to make it fun and awesome.

(Someone replied that they like the game engine itself? Marry me.)

Question the Fourteenth: This is a long survey


The 23 there is “The non-linear first half”, the 16 is the “combat and optional bosses” response.

One response was disliking the overall tone of the chapter (fair answer) but the others were either positive or stating they hadn’t completed it. Well you can complete it now so get back to me when you have.

Question the Fifteen-th: How’d You Find Us


A pretty strong majority are the TFGS posting, with a couple on F95. Amazingly, one was a kindle response and 2 were from 4chan, where we haven’t even posted.

Question 16: Anything Else?

Note: I edited this since it’s too long for one screenshot. I also edited out one that seems like it was incriminating.


Yeah I just wrote the responses directly onto the images.

Whoever it is that really likes Hucows: Chapter 4. Since you really seem to like them maybe I should tide you over by having Koops draw one for you. Hucows!

So that’s our demographics survey. I hope you all learned a lot. I sure didn’t. Oh well, back to work.

Curious Cat Answers

Since we got a Curious Cat now, you can ask questions anonymously and I can directly post them to our twitter!

But if you hate clicking things, you can just read this image.